100% Pure Culinary Argan Oil

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Argan Oil is a Moroccan treasure. It is Packed with Vitamin E and fatty acids. There must be a distinction between cosmetic argan oil & edible argan oil. Argan oil for cooking is lightly toasted before pressing and bottling and has a delicious toasted, creamy and nutty flavor. It’s less for cooking, and more for finishing. Culinary argan oil enhances dishes by drizzling over finished dishes, salad greens, couscous and even creamy desserts. It’s rarely used to cook ingredients, but is often added to an omelet or a sauté for flavor and depth. It is a very versatile oil which can be used in a range of cuisines. Its honey-colored substance with a hazelnut flavor adds richness to both sweet and savory dishes. Use this gourmet argan oil to create unique sauces and salad dressing – it makes a great alternative to olive oil salad dressing. In Morocco, Argan is most often enjoyed as a bread dipping oil. Other common uses are to drizzle it on grilled goat cheese with almonds, blend with honey to create a breakfast spread, blend with melted chocolate or cream to create unique ice cream toppings.

Weight: 250ml